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Учиться по-голландски - довольно объективно-безоценочно про голландскую школу

Аргументы за анскулинг - эмоционально и частями некритично, но пусть будет (там еще ссылок немного есть)

Еще не читала, но собираюсь. Еще собираюсь на лекцию Питера Грея в Амерсфорте на следующей неделе - The Challenges and Benefits of Unschooling, According to 232 Families Who Have Chosen that Route
Peter GRAY & Gina RILEY
In: Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning 2013 Vol. 7 Issue 14. ISSN: 1916-‐8128. Pp. 1-27

Unschooling families (families that don’t send their children to school and don’t school them at home) were invited to participate in a survey about their unschooling practices. Two hundred and thirty two self-identified unschooling families, with at least one child over five years old, completed and returned the questionnaire. Qualitative analyses revealed considerable variability in the routes to unschooling and in the ways in which the parents saw themselves as involved in their children’s education. The biggest challenge expressed was that of overcoming feelings of criticism, or social pressure, that came from others who disapproved and from their own culturally-ingrained, habitual ways of thinking about education. The reported benefits of unschooling were numerous; they included improved learning, better attitudes about learning, and improved psychological and social wellbeing for the children; and increased closeness, harmony, and freedom for the whole family.

I Международная онлайн-конференция для родителей и педагогов «Высший балл» - буду квалификацию повышать :)

Ужас, как неудобно на планшете писать и html редактировать. Эх. Когда мне комп починят?
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